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Image Widget

wordpress image widgetImage Widget is a great little widget that does one thing and does it well. It creates a widget in the sidebar allowing the admin user to upload an image using the native WordPress uploader. On the frontend, it displays a linkable image which is useful for ads, featured items or pages, calls to action, or…. anything, really.

It’s one of those standard plugins that I install into every site I build, and use it on almost all of them, and it has saved me hundreds or thousands of hours on WordPress designs.

This is good for developers or and newbies alike because it’s easy to use, install and configure which if you work with clients is really useful a they can easily manage this widget on their own. It’s never caused me any problems, or bugs, or collisions with other plugins.

Without the plugin you’d need to go the clumsier route of adding a text-widget and enclosing the image in p tags, along with the link it’s pointing to. Not a big deal when you’re doing one image here or there, but if you’re a WP power user, or developer, this widget is a real time-saver.

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