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A Bagless Los Angeles

The ban on plastic bags goes into effect today in Los Angeles, so you know what that means… the grocery store is going to be one more place to show off your socially conscious style. Here are three excellently designed reusable, eco-friendly bags that we have around the office:


1. Fresh from Etsy

Price: $55.00

Find it at: Etsy

Why we love it: It’s yellow!
This is one of a series. There are 5 in all, each a different color with a different message. The others read “local”, “dairy”,”crisp” and “green” (on an orange bag!).

2. Totes Burlap

Price: 110.95

Find it at: William-Sonoma or make one yourself with the help of this DIY guide.

Why we love it: It’s reversible! So it’s like you’re getting two bags in one. And who hasn’t secretly wanted to shop with a giant burlap coffee bag? It’s earthy-chic, useful, and looks great with any grocery shopping outfit.

3. Net returns

Price: $120.00

Find it at: And so it goes or Brook Farm General Store for a $16 version.

Why we love it: This fine bag looks delicate, it’s light and takes up very little place, but it’s a flexible, durable bag that can hold a lot more than its weight. Plus, you get to show off your Whole Foods and Farmers Market buys without even meaning to.

4. Shape shifters

Price: €300.00

Find it at: Antonioli or you can always go with the Ostrich patterned Baggu for the slightly more reasonable $4.98.

Why we love it: Sparkles! This is for those of you who can’t part with the humble shape of the plastic grocery bag. Keep the shape, replace the plastic with 300 European dollars worth of sequin fabric, add a motivational message like “Enjoy Coke” and you’ll be turning heads at the grocery store.

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