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Hip Places For Designers To Work In Los Angeles 2013 Edition

Although we have a great office space here at Los Angeles Web Design studio, sometimes us creatives need a breath of fresh air. One of the great perks of working here is our “Get It Done” policy. When asked for the official wording on company policy, the head cheese said something like “I don’t care how or where you do it, just do a good job and get it done on time.”

We think that’s a great policy, and so we present to you some of our favorite places to work on web design and WordPress projects here in Los Angeles:

The Coffee Bean

Starbucks is “so Seattle.” Here in ┬áLos Angeles, we have our native beanery, and we are proud to enjoy their drinks and free Wi-Fi. Some of the office favorites are the Pomegranate Blueberry Ice Blended, and the Winter Dream Tea Latte. We like to sit outside and enjoy the sights, sounds and inspiration of the eccentric LA coffee crowd, while clicking away on the latest web design projects, and feeling smug that we are the only ones NOT working on a screenplay.

The Grove

Noisy, busy, and perfect. How can we work at a place like this? Its easy! With ample outdoor and indoor seating (you have to contact us for the location of the secret room we discovered) and lots of food to fuel our work, why not hack away and enjoy the pure Los Angeles goodness?

Union Station

Sure, its in downtown Los Angeles, but trust us, its worth the schlep! They have amazing ceilings and super comfortable wide leather seats. Don’t get distracted by the thousands of people that whiz past you, or the many films and televisions shows often shot around the station, rather, focus on your work and enjoy! Bonus: take the train home.

The Refinery

Careful. This one’s for the coffee connoisseur. You’re going to want to put on the most vintage pair of glasses you own and tattered army-surplus gear before coming here, and expect to pay up for the coffee. It’s worth it though. It’s in the heart of Santa Monica, inside it’s quiet and cool with incredible decor, and outside the beach is a less-than-5-minute-walk away.

Never: in the valley :(


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