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BulkPress – Bulk Add New Posts, Pages, Categories or Taxonomies

We are all about efficiency. The web development world is a high pressure place, and the competition is fierce. We are always on the lookout for tools to help us get our jobs done faster and more efficiently. Instead of wasting time on tedious tasks, we can focus on the website experience and design details that our customers really care about.

Every once in a while, a WordPress plugin appears that changes the game and makes things so much easier and faster, that we wondered why we didn’t think of it first!

Introducing… Bulkpress

bulkpress wordpress plugin screenshot

Bulkpress allows you to bulk add new pages, posts, categories or taxonomies, which as I’m sure you can imagine is incredibly useful. No more typing title by title, product by product. You just copy paste a list and wala… 100 posts created!Here at Angeles Web Design for example we used it to create location pages with multiple locations. (We used it together with another plugin that creates a custom post type for locations.)

Here’s how it works:

Once the plugin is installed, it will be added to the menu on the left side of the WordPress dashboard.

To add pages or posts, you hit the posts option in the Bulkpress menu and it will open to this bulkpress posts

To add categories, taxonomies, tags or other organizing features hit the terms option and a similar screen will appear.

For posts you choose post type from the dropdown, which will include whichever post types you already have on the site. The standards include page, post. With ecommerce there will be product, order, coupon and the like. Next you choose the post status (draft, pending, published). Then you paste the names of the posts you’ll be adding.

For this example I copied a list of coffee shops in Los Angeles, set the post type to post and post status to draft, and this is what I got seconds later:

The process for adding the architecture stuff – tags, categories etc. – is very similar and is processed through the terms option mentioned above.

That’s that. We hope all you fellow wordpress developers find Bulkpress as useful as we did!
If you have, or do, let us know in the comments what you or will use it for.

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