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Office rant: Spotify uses its technology against us

We love listening to and using¬†Spotify¬†here at Los Angeles Web Design studio, with enough music to satisfy our eclectic tastes. Generally we can only say nice things about a free service which helps us maintain the stereotype of a digital or web company – an office filled with employees hacking and clacking away at keyboards while ingesting caffeine by the gallon and blasting all manners of music. If you hired us to create your WordPress or other website design, that’s probably how we did it.

Advertising is an American birthright. We love free stuff and so we get it, and pay through advertising. Not going to complain about that. Thing is, in case nobody has noticed, when you mute the sound of a commercial on Spotify, it pauses the advertisement as well. Unmute… and the ad continues where it left off. So the team at Spotify has outsmarted us. Good for them. It’s great that Spotify is trying to help their advertisers by ensuring we hear the ads.

But please tell me, why didn’t they also empower us to pause the music by mute? I can’t count number of the times I paused a song due to a call or visitor, and Spotify just rolled through my playlist like it didn’t care.

It’s not like the code isn’t already there, why not make their ad enforcement technology also a feature for users? Beats me!

And please, if someone at Spotify reads this, can you please NEVER EVER play a Chozen ad ever again. So obnoxious!


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