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Who We Are

The Los Angeles Web Design team exists to provide organizations with high quality web design solutions, along with the best service and support. Our strategy for achieving this goal consists of several components:

  • Give our customers more than they expect.
  • Provide high quality, professional products & services.
  • Stand by all services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Consider the client’s business as if it is our own.
  • Despite our name, we don’t only provide services to local clients in Los Angeles. Our satisfied customers do business throughout the entire United States.

    Meet the team

    Ethan, CEO and Founder

    Ethan brings his extensive information technology, software engineering and website design experience to every project. Throughout his career he has orchestrated and supervised web & information technology deployments for a variety of clients, ranging from home based businesses to retail chains, Fortune 500 companies, even the US Government. Today, Ethan manages the day to day operations of Angeles Web Design Studio, ensuring that every project is delivered on time, and exceeds the client’s expectations.

    Elliott, Chief Project Manager

    Elliott’s attention to detail always leaves everyone with a smile. He has consistently delivered success as a top 5% performer throughout every position during his career. His patience and persistence always bring out the best in every business relationship. Clients know that if Elliott is on the project, they will not be disappointed, and thats why they keep calling him back to strategize and manage their projects!

    Linda, Chief Graphics Designer

    Linda started out as a home based graphic designer, but her obvious talent quickly pushed her to elite status within the web and graphic design community. Linda always finds a way to include the subtle nuances within a design that push the project from a great to one so excellent that nobody can stop talking about it. When Linda is on the job, expect nothing less than perfection!

    Jon, Chief UX and Mobile Designer

    Jon’s experience in forensic design testing and mobile technology fuse into a perfect match for many of our clients. Simplicity and power are prerequisites for any project and Jon’s experience in these areas ranges from deployment and testing of mobile technology to forensic field work for US federal agencies. When you need it to work well, and be easy to understand, Jon will work through it to find the way.

    Becky, Chief Copywriter

    With dual degrees in Asian Literature and Philosophy, Becky can do pretty much whatever she wants. We are lucky to have her apply her one-of-a-kind writing style and out-of-the-box creative input exclusively to our projects, ensuring that our client’s web, media and marketing materials rise above the noise generated from the competition.

    Alfredo, Chief Database Engineer

    Italian MySQL experts are a rare breed. Fortunately, Alfred doesn’t disappoint in any way. Mastery of obscure SQL commands and piping Linux console output through interpreted languages might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but Alfred is like a painter with a keyboard instead of a brush. One stroke of his hand across the keys can deliver a solution of such beautiful, simplistic perfection that everyone in the room stops in their tracks to appreciate it. Alfred makes a great pasta sauce too!